• Creating New Values that Stimulate the Global SocietyCreating New Values that Stimulate the Global Society

Available Technologies

Introducing new technology from our university partners. Feel free to contact for more information or if you have any particular technology needs.

  • For Academic Institutionsto suggest inventions

    TLO-KYOTO serves as a one-stop management agent for various intellectual property-related operations, including market value analysis, patent application and technology transfer from academic institutions to companies.

  • For Company
    Representativesto develop new business

    TLO-KYOTO quickly provides information on various research results of academic institutions including Kyoto University. We supports commercialization of such results by coordinating smooth communications between the institutions and companies as well as upstream and downstream industries.

Our Role

TLO-KYOTO’s role is to act as a mediatory accelerator both for academic institutions who wish to utilize their research results for society and for companies who plan to develop new business and advance their products and service.

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